Township Committee Meeting – 5/7/2018

An ordinance was introduced to allocate $250k towards the new municipal complex that is under development. An ordinance was introduced to revise floodplain maps according to FEMA mandates. An ordinance was introduced to designate certain intersections as stop intersections. An ordinance was introduced to limit parking on various roads. All ordinances will have a public hearing at the May 21 meeting, after which a vote will be taken on each. Various resolutions were adopted in the consent agenda. Of all the items on the agenda for discussion, there were only two that drew any discussion. The Township Attorney mentioned that there should be some resolutions granting easements on some properties. Members of the public expressed concerns about the pavement on the dunes at Ideal Beach, security guards hired by the Board of Education, lines of sight at various intersections and thanking the township for supporting the R.A.G.E. group in opposing the power lines along the train tracks.

Meeting Agenda, Ordinances and Resolutions

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