Middletown disclosed thousands of residents’ private email addresses this year, but officials won’t provide PUBLIC information about the town hall development for which construction is expected to begin in the first half of next year, not even what it will cost taxpayers. Township officials even cancelled a public hearing on the topic that was initially scheduled for September 17.

Plans for the more than 72,000-square-foot development include commercial space in addition to town offices. The price tag may be as high as $54 million.

Like all development in Middletown, discussion about the project has gone on behind closed doors. The public has been shut out.


This is our town. Shouldn’t we have a say in what happens to it?






Asbury Park Press |
How much will Middletown’s new town hall cost taxpayers? No one is saying.
Russ Zimmer, Asbury Park Press Staff
Nov. 2, 2018
Why Won’t Middletown Tell Us The Cost of New Municipal Complex?
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Nov 3, 2018