Circus Liquors Redevelopment Plan (“Village 35”)


The Circus Liquors property on Highway 35 and Kings Highway East, a 118-acre plot that is the site of the recognizable Circus clown, is earmarked for an immense development that includes 400,000 square feet of commercial space and 400 new housing units.

That is larger than the Monmouth Mall.

On August 20, 2018, all five members of the all-Republican Township Committee — including newly appointed Committee members Perry, Hibell, and Snell — voted Yes to advance the plan as proposed even though they had the authority to restrict its size.

Middletown’s own Environmental Commission sought to have their list of recommendations included in the plan, but the Committee members ignored them and moved forward without it.




Like most big development that occurs in the Township, residents were left out of the planning for this project, were misled about its scale, and continue to have difficulty accessing information about how the surrounding community, and all Middletown residents, will be affected. One example is that the Township refuses to make public a traffic study that was paid for with our tax dollars. As a result, residents have had to take legal action, the only recourse available to them.


This is our town. Shouldn’t we have a say in what happens to it?



Residents’ concerns:

    • the large scale of the development and inappropriateness of the site
    • the elimination of habitat and wetlands with no provision for open space
    • near certain drainage and flooding problems
    • heavy traffic on Rt. 35 and scenic roadways
    • increased need for police and road repair personnel, and associated costs
    • the demands on our school system from the number of new homes and likely tax increase to meet that demand



All five members of the all-Republican Township Committee voted for this massive development.

Their Democratic challengers are opposed to such irresponsible, poorly-sited development and want Middletown residents to have a real say what happens in our town.  We stand for stopping the over-development in town and preserving natural open spaces but support responsible quality-of-life improvements.


Get Involved

A group has organized to gather and share information about the Circus Liquors Redevelopment Plan to better inform all Middletown residents. The goal of the group, Minding Middletown, is to stop the project as currently proposed. For more detail about the development plan, residents’ concerns, and how you can get involved, please visit the group’s website.

The website is a trove of information, diligently collected, that includes an excellent 5-minute video created to help Middletown residents understand the issues and far-reaching consequences of the Village 35 development. To watch the video, click here and then scroll halfway down the page.



Stop irresponsible development.

Protect our quality of life.

Give residents a voice.