Township Public Meetings


Middletown Open Government

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Middletown Open Government (MOG) is a non-partisan community group. The group’s goal is to improve transparency in the governance of Middletown Township and to increase residents’ access to their local government through the Township’s broadcasting of its meetings.

Though many other towns video-record or even livestream their public meetings, Middletown Township Committee meetings are currently not video recorded or broadcast by the Township. The Committee’s Republican majority refuses to do so, even though there is dedicated grant funding available for this purpose as part of the Township’s agreement with Comcast (renewed every 10 years).

As a public service, volunteers video record the meetings and make them available online at YouTube channel MiddletownOG.


The Middletown Democrats are in support of MOG for taking the time to volunteer in view of the lack of initiative on the part of elected officials.