Get involved!

A big thank you to the many volunteers who joined us for our Day of Action on Saturday, Sept. 8th. You are making a huge difference!

Contact us to volunteer today!


Attention voters: Use new forms !

The County vote-by-mail and voter registration applications are revised as of August 2018. Going forward, be sure to use the revised forms to ensure that submissions are not invalidated. The revision date can be found in small print at the bottom left of the form. Find current forms here.


Did you know many towns video record their meetings? But not Middletown.

Many, if not most, other towns video record or livestream their public meetings. Middletown still doesn’t, even with dedicated funding available for this purpose. Community volunteers currently provide this service. If you are interested in seeing how your local government operates and in knowing what decisions are being made at Town Hall, you can find the public meeting videos here.

Did you know that there are FIVE separate budgets?

Property taxes are made up of several pieces – municipal (township), school, and county. Each has its own budget, as do the local sewerage authority and library.  Read more here.