Five Separate Budgets and Bodies


$77.6 M

Middletown Township Committee 5 voting members

$163.3 M

Middletown Board of Education 9 voting members

$450 M

Monmouth County Freeholders 5 voting members

$3.7 M

Middletown Library Board 9 voting members

$9.5 M

Middletown Sewerage Authority
(TOMSA) Board
5 voting members plus 2 alternates

Property taxes are made up of several pieces – municipal (town), school, and county. There are separate lines on your tax bill to fund each of those entities, plus dedicated municipal and county open space taxes.

While there is also a separate line on your tax bill for the municipal library, the library rate is not an additional tax. The appropriation for the library is part of the municipal budget, however the appropriation is required by law to be listed as a separate line item on your tax bill.

Sewer fees are currently billed separately from taxes.

The municipal budget is managed by the Township Committee. School and county budgets are managed by the Board of Education and County Board of Chosen Freeholders, respectively. All three bodies operate independently, though commonly enter into shared service or purchasing arrangements to reduce costs.

The Library Board of Trustees and the Sewerage Authority (TOMSA) Board are appointed by the Township Committee. However, one member of the Library Board is appointed by the School Superintendent. The Library and TOMSA budgets are separately managed from the Township budget by the respective boards.

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