Township Committee Meeting – 6/18/2018

A “key to the city” was presented to former Senator Joe Kyrillos. An ordinance was adopted to borrow $277k to purchase cameras for selected parks and build a dog park at Tindal Park. 7 other ordinances were introduced and will have public hearings and a vote for adoption at the July 16 meeting. There were about 11 members of the public that came forward to ask questions or present comments to the Township Committee.

Township Committee Meeting – 6/4/2018

– Three ordinances were adopted during this meeting.
– One revised flood plain regulations to conform to FEMA guidelines.
– Another designated certain intersections as stop intersections.
– The third added time limit parking on certain streets used by commuters to take mass transportation to work.

All ordinances were unanimously adopted. An ordinance was introduced to borrow $277K to acquire property for parks.

Meeting Agenda, Ordinances and Resolutions

Planning Board Meeting - 9/13/2017