Township Committee Meeting - 3/6/2017

An ordinance was introduced to repeal part of the township code relating to early retirement incentives.
Some of the resolutions adopted include appointing the Township Attorney to provide land acquisition services in Pt. Monmouth, extending the contract for tree trimming services, to purchase vehicles for DPW, allocate funds to cover costs of running the town and an increase in the costs of providing ADA improvements at Tonya Keller.
Residents expressed concerns of the number of accidents at the intersection of Hosford Ave and Leonardville Rd., the lack of information from the township on the new municipal center and the progress of the required ADA improvement plan adopted in 2012.
Meeting Agenda, Ordinances and Resolutions

Planning Board Meeting - Village 35 - 2/15/2017

The Planning Board stated that this hearing regarding the Village 35 project will begin from the beginning and that any previous testimony will be disregarded.

Part 1

Part 2