Important details about the July 7th Primary Election

On May 15, 2020, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order No. 144 establishing procedures for the July 7, 2020 New Jersey Primary Election. The New Jersey League of Women Voters provided the following summary:

Important details about the July 7th Primary

All active registered Republican and Democratic voters will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot. A pre-paid postage return envelope will be included. All unaffiliated voters and inactive Republican and Democratic voters will receive a postage-paid vote-by-mail application.

To the extent possible, there will be at least 5 readily accessible secure ballot drop box locations per county for voters to return their vote-by-mail ballots.

Vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked by July 7 (Election Day) and must be received by the County Board of Elections by July 14.

In-person voting options will also be available. A minimum of 1 polling location per municipality will be available and each county will open a minimum of 50% of its polling places (provided that sufficient poll workers are available). CDC guidelines for polling place safety and sanitation will be followed.

Voters who vote at polling places will vote using a provisional ballot. Voters with disabilities may vote on ADA-accessible voting machines.

Voters will not receive sample ballots, but will receive notification of their polling locations.

Voters cannot return voted vote-by-mail ballots to polling places.


From our Chair: A Call To Action

Dear Fellow Middletown Residents,

I am asking anyone who reads this today to consider ways in which we, as members of a community, can assist in the current fight for civil rights that has erupted across this country. I cannot sit idly by and watch the continued subjugation of American citizens, a 400 year practice that has entrenched a system of institutionalized racism into the very fabric of this country.

Our local leaders should be called out for their inability to stand up to a president and other high profile officials who have repeatedly flexed their might for their own self-interests over America as a whole. Even more locally, we have seen residents of this town attack a high school senior on social media for bringing to light that this community is not inclusive and is also unwilling to even listen to the perspective of another, thus proving her point.

It would not take much for our elected officials on Township Committee to utilize their public platforms like Twitter to condemn calls for violence and incendiary language. The problem is not that using their voices would be difficult, it’s that their silence is tacit agreement with the tactics authorized by US Attorney General William Barr at the behest of the president.

This is a seminal moment. We can make a difference. White allies need to amplify voices of the oppressed. It’s not enough to wait on others to solve this nation’s problems. Heroes don’t exist. We shape the course of this country through our own actions (or inaction).

Thank you,

Roxanne Judice
Acting Chairperson of the Middletown Democratic Party
and representative for district 9